Rocking the Boat. Welsh Women who Championed Equality, 1840-1990 Rocking the Boat: Welsh Women who Championed Equality 1840-1990

Parthian 2018, 2019

ISBN 978-1-912109-50-0

IBN 978-1-912681-44-0 (paperback)

‘Angela John never loses the historian’s clear-eyed perspective, deftly balancing academic rigour and the demands of telling a good story’

New Welsh Review

‘Angela John’s biographies not only introduce us to women who sought to change women’s position as well as society, they subtly subvert our simple assumptions about gender, class and national identity.’

Sheila Rowbotham

The Actors' Crucible The Actors’ Crucible: Port Talbot and the Making of Burton, Hopkins, Sheen and All the Others

Parthian 2015

ISBN 978-1-910409-94-7

ISBN 978-1-91090168-7 (paperback)

‘Tremendous… it tells a fascinating and very important story and does so in a way that will be accessible to a very wide readership’

Professor Chris Williams

Cover of Turning the Tide. The Life of Lady RhonddaTurning the Tide. The Life of Lady Rhondda

Parthian 2013, 2014

ISBN 976-1-909844-728 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-90894-610-2 (hardback)

‘Angela V. John and Parthian have done their subject proud…Turning the Tide is a very fine political and cultural biography’

Wales Arts Review

‘Angela John's excellent biography is to be warmly welcomed’


Cover of Evelyn Sharp: Rebel Woman, 1869-1955Evelyn Sharp: Rebel Woman, 1869-1955

Manchester University Press, 2009

ISBN 978 0 7190 8015 9 (paperback)

ISBN 978 0 7190 8014 2 (hardback)

Longlisted for the biennial Portico Prize 2010

‘This compelling, poignant biography… deserves a wide readership’

(Book of the Week) Times Higher Education

‘The depth of A V John's scholarship is astonishing …Everyone interested in the role of the individual in history, the history of women and left-leaning politics will be engaged and enchanted┬áby this book’


Cover of Elizabeth Robins; Staging A LifeElizabeth Robins. Staging a Life

Tempus The History Press, 2007

ISBN 978-07524-4028-6

First published by Routledge in 1995.

‘I couldn’t stop reading this compelling biography… Angela John has invented a new form - biography as social history. The reader is riveted.’

Jane Marcus. City College of New York.

Cover of Lady Charlotte Guest. An Extraordinary LifeLady Charlotte Guest. An Extraordinary Life

(with Revel Guest)

Tempus The History Press, 2007

ISBN 978 07524-4252-5

First published in 1989 by Weidenfeld & Nicolson as Lady Charlotte. A Biography of the Nineteenth Century.

‘A fascinating chronicle of nineteenth-century history’


‘This is a wonderful book, rich and enjoyable’.

Prof. Ieuan Gwynedd Jones

‘We felt that scholarship and story-telling combined to reveal to us, chapter by chapter, a portrait of a most remarkable woman; someone who did so much and influenced our own lives, yet who might have been forgotten.’

South Wales Women's Book Group

War, Journalism and the Shaping of the Twentieth Century. The Life and Times of Henry W. NevinsonWar, Journalism and the Shaping of the Twentieth Century. The Life and Times of Henry W. Nevinson.

I.B. Tauris, 2006

ISBN 1-84511-081-1

Also available in paperback ISBN: 9781350382060

‘A well-researched, well-written biography of a significant social and political figure in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Full of new insights and new information, it is also a pleasure to read’.

Michael Holroyd

‘Excellent new biography...Angela V. John understands the tests she sets herself. She passes with flying colours worthy of Nevinson.’

Michael Foot, Tribune


By The Sweat of their Brow. Women Workers at Victorian Coal Mines

Routledge 2013 new edition

ISBN 0-415-38009-6

First Published by Croom Helm, 1980, paperbacked by Routledge 1984, 2006 and 2013.

‘Dazzling debut’

Prof. Dai Smith, Welsh History Review

‘The first detailed study of female labour in Victorian industry for 50 or 60 years.’

New Society

Coalmining Women. Victorian Lives and Campaigns

Cambridge University Press, 1984. Fourth printing, 1989

ISBN 0-521-27872-4

Winner of The Other Award for children’s literature.

‘An excellent resource for use by teachers and secondary school pupils …an enjoyable and absorbing read… it is to be thoroughly recommended.’

Teaching History

‘A gripping and inspiring account.’


Edited Collections

The Men’s Share? Masculinities, Male Support and Women’s Suffrage in Britain, 1890-1920

(with Claire Eustance)

Routledge, 1997.

ISBN 0-415-14001-3

‘A valuable and suggestive volume of essays which will add a fresh emphasis to the discussion of women’s enfranchisement in Britain.’


Our Mothers’ Land. Chapters in Welsh Women’s History 1830-1939

University of Wales Press 1991, 1997 and New Edition February 2011

ISBN 0-7083-1129-6

‘Chapter after highly readable chapter brings vividly to life the struggles of Welsh women to gain a modicum of control over narrowly circumscribed existences’


‘The essays …will help to transform our understanding of the History of Wales and British women’s history.’

Social History Society Newsletter

Unequal Opportunities. Women’s Employment in England 1800-1918

Basil Blackwell, 1986

ISBN (paperback edition) 0-631-13956-7

‘The most important collection on class and gender that has appeared to date in Britain’

Journal of Modern History

‘excellent collection’

Frances Cairncross

Contributions to Books since 1990

Introduction to 'Granton Street. A Play in Three Acts by P.H. Burton' Alun Books, 2017.

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Introduction (with Claire Connolly) to reprint of Menna Gallie You're Welcome to Ulster, Honno Press, 2010.

‘A Family at War. The Nevinson Family’ in M.J.K.Walsh (ed.) A Dilemma of English Modernism. Visual and Verbal Politics in the Life and Work of C.R.W. Nevinson (1889-1946), University of Delaware Press, 2007.

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Introduction to reprint of Menna Gallie, Strike for a Kingdom, Honno Press, 2003. New edition in 2011.

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‘Men, Manners and Militancy: Literary Men and Women’s Suffrage’ in The Men’s Share? see under Books section

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Introduction to reprint of Menna Gallie, Travels with a Duchess, Honno Press, 1996. New edition in 2011.

‘Beyond Paternalism: The Ironmaster’s Wife in the Industrial Community’ in Our Mothers’ Land, see under Books section

A Selection of Journal Articles published since 1990.

‘Edith Picton-Turbervill Meets Ataturk’

Morgannwg: The Journal of Glamorgan History, LXIV, 2020.

‘What the Papers Say: Evelyn Sharp, Author. Journalist. Suffragette and Diarist’

Bodleian Library Record, 23/1, April 2010.

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‘ “Run like Blazes”. The Suffragettes and Welshness’

Llafur, 6/3, 1994.

‘Sitting on the Severn Bridge: Wales and British History’

History Workshop Journal, 30, 1990.

In addition to other academic articles I have also written a number of entries for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB) and features for magazines, journals and newspapers (eg History Today, the THES the Guardian and HerStoria). Online contributions include section on Henry Nevinson's Neighbours of Ours in and entries on Philip Burton and Cecily Mackworth for the online DWB.